An island of calm in your living room: create a place for you, and you alone

3 years ago

Choose the right spot

Whether you prefer to relax with a book in your hand or listen to podcasts, peace and quiet is essential. This is why choosing exactly the right spot for your new relaxation nook should be first on your list of priorities! Look for a peaceful unused corner or a spot by the window.  If you’re lucky, you might even have a window sill large enough to place a cushion – and hey presto! You have a beautiful window seat.

Partition the room

To avoid distractions, separate your new relaxation area from the other parts of the room. In your living room, you could use a bookcase or a screen. Smaller rooms could be partitioned with shelving units, which would allow you to access things you need from both sides, whilst ensuring the space isn’t made too claustrophobic or shut-off. Place colourful boxes, wicker baskets, or books on the lower shelves and fill the upper parts with plants:  adding to the overall ‘zen’ effect.

Sit comfortably

Which type of seating should you go with? That depends on your taste and the space available. If the layout of your living room allows it, get a chaise longue, which is perfect for relaxing. Don’t be afraid to express your personality with bold colours, or anything that catches your eye! It’s important to feel at home and happy in your nook, which you can’t do if you’re trying to fit in with someone else’s aesthetic.  And of course, never forget to add the most comfortable pillows and the softest blankets you can find. Cosiness is absolutely paramount to your relaxation!

Keep everything in reach

A perfect spot of relaxation usually calls for a hot brew or a delicious snack. Get a small coffee table for putting anything that you might need at the moment – be that a book you’re reading, a glass of wine, or a cup of tea.

Let there be light

Believe it or not, lighting is key to achieving a harmonious atmosphere. A small lamp will brighten up your nook without overwhelming the space. Pay attention to the choice of the lightbulb – stay away from harsh white light, and instead choose a warmer-toned bulb.

Scent matters

When it comes to decoration, you can’t go wrong with a scented candle or an aromatherapy lamp. Pleasant smells have always had beneficial effects on people’s state of mind. For instance, did you know that the scent of rose is said to have a calming, mood-improving effect? Sandalwood, on the other hand, fills you with renewed energy. Cedar can help you focus, and reduces stress. And if you’re feeling particularly troubled – try cypress and mint – both excellent for dispelling anxious thoughts and drifting away into a world of calm!

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