5 Ways to Get More Out of Online Poker Activity

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3 years ago

Online poker is today one of the most popular online games, and a major driver in the online gambling market, which is expected to grow to $113.12 billion USD by 2025, according to Globe News Wire. After real-life poker rode a wave in the mid-2000s, the digital version has taken over, having received a boost during the pandemic lockdown. The Guardian reported how several online poker companies had record revenues at the start of the lockdown. Among the reasons for its unparalleled popularity is the wealth of prizes, the variety in types of games and the social aspect of poker, which was a relief for millions of us during lockdown, when we weren’t able to hook up with friends.

So, a huge number of us are playing it. But how can we get more out of online poker activity? After all, if we’re spending our lives playing a game, we might as well look for a way to enhance the joy we receive from it.

Sampling Sites

We like the snake-like sibilance of that title. And what we mean by sampling sites is that there is so much in terms of variation of poker games today that you would be limiting yourself by sticking to just one. From free games for beginners to high-stakes tournaments for experienced hands, you can vary the ambition and risk from one extreme to another. You can even find online poker in the most unexpected places, including as an add-on or bonus in certain video games. Red Dead Redemption, for example, allows for poker play in its cowboy-like world of shooters and gun slingers.

Learning More Varieties of the Game

The majority of people play some variety of Texas Hold’em online. It’s the standard game with which many of you – even beginners – are familiar. However, Omaha is another popular choice. Poker.org describes Omaha as a simple variant of Texas Hold’em, where players receive four hole cards to start with. They then have to mix three community cards and two hole cards to make the best five-card hand. Pot-Limit Omaha is the second-most popular type of poker in the world. You could also learn Five-Card Stud, High Chicago or Double Cross Poker.

Getting Friends to Play with You

Weren’t we just saying that the whole beauty of online poker was that you’re able to socialize while playing? And here you are, just doing it alone! Time to join a game with a few of your friends from real life. That’s right, you don’t even have to leave the house to grow your blossoming friendships. You could throw a party in real life to get your friends accustomed to the game, or invite them to a freeroll tournament.

Improving Your Gaming Environment

If you’re going to be sitting and playing online poker for hours, you’d better make sure your environment is just right. The Welp Magazine guide to getting the best office chair in 2021 will get you halfway there. You’ll also want a large table and potentially an extra HD monitor to watch your games in style.

Record Your Activity

It seems like the whole world is now recording themselves nowadays. In fact, MyLio blog estimates that 1.4 trillion photos will have been taken in 2021 alone. Anyway, it can’t hurt to record your own activity in poker to watch back and learn from your mistakes. Why didn’t you spot that bluff the first time? Why didn’t you go all in with a hand like that? The best players in the world will make notes all the time in order to improve. Soon, perhaps you’ll be one of them.

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