5 Things to Keep in Mind when Building Website for Local SEO

5 Things to Keep in Mind when Building Website for Local SEO
2 years ago

Local SEO can be an effective marketing strategy for your business, if done the right way. here’s a certain “near me” mindset that comes into play with these searches, which creates a huge opportunity for your business to grow.

Google has said that website design is a significant factor in local SEO rankings. Before deep diving look at the facts why local SEO is important.

  • Almost 80% of users are looking for local information.
  • Among them, half searcher will visit the store within one day.
  • Local searches produce 2.5 times more purchase than other type of searches.

Here are the top five website customisation ways to improve your local SEO:

1. Create Location Wise Pages

It’s the best idea to create location-wise pages without overloading your site and forcing people to scroll through so much content. Especially if you have multiple locations then you must have to create unique locational pages.

Your business will benefit tremendously from a highly-optimized web presence with individual pages for each product, service, and location. It’s a lot of work up-front to create these pages, but they can make you more visible on search engines (especially for location-based keywords) which is worth the investment. For instance, a company is serving SEO services in different cities in Australia. Then it’s a good idea to create location wise page like SEO Sydney, SEO Melbourne, etc.

When creating those pages, knowing the local people’s search intent is incredibly important. Especially when it comes to crafting better content, so make sure you include keyword research in your strategy.

2. Don’t Miss the Chance of Using Local Business Schema

Lick other schema types, a local business schema is a set of data that provides complete information to Google about your business.

The code you provided tells the web crawlers every important information like business type, contact, reviews, etc. This will help them understand how to interact with your site better and stay on top of your traffic.

It Works magically to increase search engine rankings and driving traffic to your site.

The best thing to do when building out your pages is to provide accurate information that your customers should have about your business and introducing Google to serve it in a structured way.

3. Speed & Ease of Use

Your website layout & design is a crucial part of SEO. Ensuring you meet your customers’ first expectations will set you up for success in the long term.

Your website is one of the first things that visitors see. You must make sure that it has no links with broken pages, loads quickly, and easily allows visitors to find what they need.  The faster your website loads, the better.

Broken links often make your website less likely to be found by search engines. You should not worry about the little things that can cause a search engine crawler to move on or reduce your traffic.

Make navigation simple with a well-designed site. Make it clear what the website is about with clever & concise content.

Making your website quick and easy to use is the first step towards increasing engagement.

4. Website Design for Local SEO

Smartphones have been the biggest disruptors of web and local search whereas SEO can be diminished by their need to be constantly connected.

Websites need to be responsive in order to adjust based on their user’s interface. This ensures they are meeting your needs and providing the best possible experience. It is also important because having a responsive design allows you to make more sales.

When a huge news announcement like this is made, it’s important to pay attention. This was the case with Google in April 2018 and we can see why they created such hype. In big news like that, you have to pay attention, start gathering information and not going into old habits

Make sure your website is responsive, user-friendly for all screens, and is fast enough.

5. Optimize Your Content

On your homepage, you want to make sure that it’s easy for people to understand and simple to navigate. You don’t want anything getting in the way of the user from understanding what the site is about.

Your homepage should have a clear explanation that includes:

  • About the business owner.
  • Business Location.
  • Describe the services properly.

Meta description has been a big thing, but it’s no longer as important as other forms of techniques. It does still provide some highly relevant content for your targeted audience and can be an appropriate form of advertising.

An amazing meta description is important and should be something that reflects your ad. Targeted, relevant keywords along with informational text are vital when writing SEO copy.

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