4 Top Reasons Most People Move To Canada From The US

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2 years ago

While many people worldwide choose Australia, parts of Europe, and the US to settle in, several folks from the United States have called Canada home in recent years. Over ten thousand Americans turn north and head to popular Canadian cities like Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto for more exciting, fulfilling lives.

One of the top reasons many Americans are now shipping to Canada from US than in previous years is that Canada is renowned for its welcoming attitude and countless job opportunities. The country was built by immigrants’ hard work, among other things, and it does not allow its residents to forget it.

In today’s global market, numerous Canadian companies are actively seeking foreign talent to join their teams. To make this happen, they go through the LMIA application process, securing the government’s permission to hire international professionals. For information about LMIA processing time visit Immigration Pros (pour plus d’informations sur les délais de traitement de l’EIMT, visitez le site Immigration Pros) and get detailed information about the whole process.

The following are some of the most prominent reasons folks from the US are pivoting towards Canada. If you wish to make a move as well, you will find the information incredibly beneficial.

1. Excellent healthcare and better work-life balance

Statistics depict that over six million immigrants in Canada moved more than a decade ago, having transported entire homes to enjoy a more outstanding quality of life. Many people move here from parts of the US because of the Canadian government’s free universal healthcare amenities. Residents and immigrants never have to worry about massive medical bills.

Moreover, the Canadian workforce enjoys shorter work hours than its US counterpart. They average around forty hours a week compared to the forty-seven hours by the Americans. This enables them to have a more excellent work-life balance, doing the things they love in their free time.

2. Paid holidays and maternity leave

As per the US regulations, new parents can avail approximately twelve hours of unpaid parental leave to adjust to their new roles. However, the Canadian authorities have deemed it necessary to provide anywhere from thirty-five to sixty-one weeks of maternity leave while enjoying payments from the Employment Insurance.

Paid statutory holidays such as Canada Day are another major bonus for US immigrants in Canada, whereas US employers are not mandated to pay their employees for non-working time.

3. Fantastic country and culture

Canadian cities like Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver are world-class, often ranking among the most livable global metropolitan places in several lists. The country is replete with breathtaking beauty, from massive high-rises to scenic nature. Living anywhere in Canada is a dream come true for many US immigrants.

Furthermore, Canada is a melting pot of multiculturalism with numerous languages, various delectable cuisines, and an incredible mix of ethnicities. Also, ice hockey is a major attraction for sports enthusiasts moving to the country, offering them an experience unlike any other.

4. Moving companies have made it easier

Reputable companies that undertake professional shipping to Canada from the US at affordable rates have made the moving process remarkably easy for Americans. They have fantastic ergonomic options such as door pickup and delivery, tracking options, and all-inclusive packages that incorporate custom duties.

Also, many companies provide boxes and ship everything from automobiles and televisions to furniture and other essential items. Some companies help families, and those shifting commercial bases to Canada enjoy almost a seventy percent savings option when choosing them over the competitors.

Therefore, with affordable and hassle-free transportation, a large and perhaps the most significant part of the moving process is made easy for new immigrants from the US to Canada.

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