3 Common Warehousing Mistakes To Avoid

3 Common Warehousing Mistakes To Avoid
3 years ago

Manufacturers store products in warehouses to keep them organized, safe, and ready for shipping. Unfortunately, this process often faces many issues. If you run one of these facilities yourself, read this list of three common warehousing mistakes to avoid. This way, you can prevent them from occurring under your watch.

Neglecting Efficient Picking Paths

The term “picking path” describes the way a designated employee navigates the picking area to gather and prepare packages before sending them to customers. Ignoring a smart picking path will lead to a less efficient workflow as well as higher labor costs. The less distance a picker has to travel to complete their run, the better.

Workplace layout has a far larger impact on efficiency than some companies realize. Optimizing your warehouse layout is one of the key methods for improving material flow. Many people think they have to invest in expensive machinery to increase workplace efficiency, but sometimes, all it takes is moving certain components closer together.

Refusing To Go Digital

Many companies fear trying new technology, but this proves detrimental to warehousing. Smaller companies often rely on old-school paperwork to keep track of data in warehouses. No matter the size of the facility, you can benefit from going digital. Warehouse management systems can make it easier for businesses to monitor inventory and other essential workplace data.

In other words, a good WMS provides unparalleled visibility into your facility’s day-to-day workflow. Unlike digital software, you can lose track of paper documents, which isn’t exactly ideal if they contain integral workflow data.

Ignoring the Human Element

Data and machinery are crucial in warehouses, but you can’t forget about the human element. If warehouse managers don’t think about boosting morale, providing opportunities to grow, or improving ergonomics, they can lose their workforce to better companies.

Employee turnover isn’t cheap, so prevent it by creating a workplace in which employees can thrive. For example, you can offer refresher training courses to give workers the chance to hone their skills over time. Too many facilities focus on just the numbers. Look for ways to boost employee morale and provide paths for employees who want to grow professionally. Out of the three common warehousing mistakes to avoid, this one might be the easiest to combat.