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Are you wanting to learn more about 2g ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best 2g podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best 2G Podcasts 2021

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2G Academy

  • Publisher: 2G Academy
  • Total Episodes: 11

We are a bunch of people who love to inspire others to reach their dream in the Architectural Visualization Industry. #helpingothers


  • Publisher: Drew Loewen
  • Total Episodes: 6

Our modern world is ruled by smartphones. We’re more connected to one another than ever before. The world is quite literally at our fingertips! But maybe that’s not always a healthy thing. What if being a little disconnected is actually what some of us need? Join me on my journey from an iPhone to a flip phone. Each episode will be a journal of my experiences as a dumb phone user in a smart world, as well as host discussion of some thoughts about our technological world. Email me at [email protected]

E2G Sports Network

  • Publisher: Buddy Andrade
  • Total Episodes: 169

The E2G Sports Network brings you podcasts for the sports you love. The E2G brand is the #Unsungsportsgrid. Hoops, football, Hockey, Baseball, shows that fit multiple roles and the best guests are part of what E2GSports.com and the E2G Sports Network bring to the listeners. The shows are first live on Blogtalkradio.com then placed here on anchor to be distributed out. We look to become your source with some of the best up and coming minds in the business. Buddy AndradeFounder@e2gsportsE2G Sports LLC

Project 2G

  • Publisher: Audio Operetta
  • Total Episodes: 3

Mark Glick (father/composer) and Emily Glick (daughter/performer) team up with a few friends to present the occasional audio operetta. Somewhere between Broadway and Opera. Low-budget, high aspirations.

2G Sports Podcast

  • Publisher: Greg Moretto & Gannon Yarmus
  • Total Episodes: 2

In this sports podcast, two college kids talk about the world of sports and the things you care about. From betting lines to trade rumors to the biggest news of the week, 2G Sports has you covered. 2 Guys. Sports. A Podcast.

2 G’s & a Mic

  • Publisher: Lane Vision Network
  • Total Episodes: 12

Mikey G & Walley G

The Session: “2 G’s & a Pod”

  • Publisher: The Session: “2 G’s & a Pod”
  • Total Episodes: 17

The Session: “2 G’s & a Pod”: An Interpretation of the Situation! “The Blackman’s Prospective in Society” We touch on real life topics like: politics, music, culture and values, but more importantly, we have thought provoking content. Hosted by three black men: Valle G, Jevile Martinez & K.So

A2G2 Show with Alex Arion

  • Publisher: Alex
  • Total Episodes: 76

Short, motivational podcast designed to get you psyched up for your daily workouts or your day in general. Visit https://alexarionfitness.com

Two Guys One Prius (2G1P)

  • Publisher: Paul Neven
  • Total Episodes: 23

2 Best Friends bringing you sports content from top to bottom. Topics discussed but not limited to the following: -Comments on Owner/GM decisions -Discussions on the latest trade talks & rumors around sports -BSing about daily sports shenanigans -Answering weekly questions/discussing a suggested topic

Studio 2G Podcasts

  • Publisher: Studio 2G
  • Total Episodes: 20

Studio 2G is Government Executive Media Group’s (GEMG) content marketing agency, executing impactful and innovative business-to-government campaigns. With a focus on brand storytelling, Studio 2G’s dynamic and multi-disciplinary team offers end-to-end strategic marketing services to make your brand’s story resonate within GEMG’s community of over 1.9 million government decision-makers.

G2G 40 Day Podcast

  • Publisher: Janet Rose
  • Total Episodes: 30

Janet Rose leads you through a 40 day podcast from October 18th through Thanksgiving Day. These quick 8- 10 min podcast will use humor and every day illustrations to encourage you as we all strive to finish well in 2020 with our sanity and humor firmly in tact!

World of Business (HD) 2G

  • Publisher: FHNW | School of Business | Academy of Art and Design | Electronic Studio of the Academy of Music
  • Total Episodes: 5

The films describe economic topics such as “price”, “competition”, “inflation”, “interest” and “money” in an easily understandable manner. Please be aware that only essential elements are visualized, additional aspects are overlooked. The films take 2-3 minutes each and are suitable for use in the classroom.

2G Spectrum scam

  • Publisher: G.Swapna
  • Total Episodes: 2

It is all about how the former telecom minister A. RAJA manipulated and were high charges on 2G network.

The H2G Podcast

  • Publisher: Justin DuVall
  • Total Episodes: 71

Welcome to Season 4 of the all new H2G Podcast! Christy, Richie, Tony Ray, Marvin, Chelsea, & Justo Bring you their takes on a wide variety of topics, compete in epic Game Of The Week showdowns, and feature the Hottest Up & Coming artists from all around the country!!!! We are on 5 times a week 5x the fun 5x the smiles 🙂 h2gpodcast.com

G2G Performance Podcast

  • Publisher: G2G Performance
  • Total Episodes: 44

3 coach-athletes from the sports of powerlifting and bodybuilding discuss everything to do with building strength, muscle mass, coaching, mindset and competition. G2G Performance is the online branch of G2G Coaching.


  • Publisher: Bob Ishida
  • Total Episodes: 33

We are now heading to the new world with diversity, which we call globalization. I really believe globalization is not a choice but a destiny. Where you were born, color of your skin, language you were taught are irreverent. We are meant to live as one.

E2G Sports Football M.D

  • Publisher: John W Andrade
  • Total Episodes: 1

E2G Sports Network Presents Football M.D

The E2G Podcast

  • Publisher: Ian Sagstetter
  • Total Episodes: 8

Earning to give involves deliberately pursuing professional projects and careers for the purpose of donating a significant portion of the earned income to charity. This podcast is intended to provide weekly updates on a personal journey towards optimizing earning to give, and also provide more insight on Effective Altruism.

E2G Hockey with Dan and Tyson

  • Publisher: Daniel Blanda
  • Total Episodes: 6

All things hockey with E2G’s Dan and Tyson.

I2G Radio

  • Publisher: Demarcus Webb
  • Total Episodes: 6

I2G Radio Podcast. Showcasing the latest and greatest in hip hop and R&B.

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