13 Roomy Backpacks To Carry With You At The Office

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5 years ago

You gotta a lot of stuff to do after punching the clock at the office. We get it. We’ve been there. You’ve got a life and it sure as hell won’t be all sucked up by any corporation which promises sketchy benefits in exchange for your time and soul. No way in hell.

Logistically speaking, you might need a couple of things to carry with you to the office (you know, work stuff). But you also might need to carry a lot of stuff for what you are doing after the office (like a change of clothes, right?). So how do you carry all of this with you? Simple: A Backpack.

There are surely millions upon millions of backpacks circulating in stores everywhere at any given time, but you only want the best one. The one made to withstand rough treatment, narrow spaces, and the test of time. You want one of these backpacks made for office spaces.

#1 Maxpedition Entity 23 Backpack

Maxpedition Entity 23 Backpack
Who suggested this product?
The Maxpedition Entity 23 Backpack was recommended by Lukas from Military 1st. You can find out more about Lukas here or read their product recommendation below.

Maxpedition Entity 23 is an ergonomic, low-profile pack made of robust 500D Kodra fabric with a polyurethane coating, ideal for busy urban dwellers. It features highly visible grayscale interior, dedicated lockable and padded compartment which can hold a 15 laptop, and dual access rear compartment.

Further, there are drawbridge straps for additional security, tuckable magnetic wings for quick closure, and double side ports perfect for headphones, charger cables, etc. Padded shoulder straps with an adjustable chest strap, removable waist belt as well as trolley handle pass-through allow comfortable carry during everyday commute and long-distance travelling.

#2 The SantinoL Large Leather Men’s Backpack With Shoulder Strap

The SantinoL Large Leather Men’s Backpack With Shoulder Strap
Who suggested this product?
The The SantinoL Large Leather Men’s Backpack With Shoulder Strap was recommended by Nicole Rohde from Maxwell-Scott. You can find out more about Nicole Rohde here or read their product recommendation below.

This large should bag is the ideal business bag for the modern urban gentleman as it can be transformed into a smart backpack, with the attachable and adjustable strap. With a multitude of internal and external pockets, there is certainly plenty of room to organise your daily essentials. Whether it be worn as a backpack during the cycling commute or as a shoulder bag for a more relaxed option to a traditional briefcase, the bag for the contemporary gentleman with discerning taste.

#3 P.MAI Valletta backpack + wristlet

P.MAI Valletta backpack + wristlet
Who suggested this product?
The P.MAI Valletta backpack + wristlet was recommended by Phuong Mai from P.MAI. You can find out more about P.MAI here or read the product recommendation below.

At P.MAI, we believe women should be comfortable and confident—without sacrificing style. That’s why we’ve designed the perfect laptop backpack that’s tailored for women, with an aesthetic that’s ready for the runway. By combining luxury with utility, our P.MAI bags make the perfect companion to today’s professional sophisticate.

In a world that’s increasingly complicated by the minute, we’re the dependable leather backpack that helps you carry on beautifully. A command-center for your valuables, accented with luxurious details, our handcrafted accessories help you move from morning to midnight. We help simplify, carefully edit, and beautify life.

#4 The Roll Top Backpack

The Roll Top Backpack
Who suggested this product?
The The Roll Top Backpack was recommended by Ryan Barr from WP Standard. You can find out more about Ryan Barr here or read their product recommendation below.

A full grain leather backpack with a roll top closure and a lifetime warranty. Great for the office and beyond.

#5 Rains Men’s Backpack

Rains Men's Backpack
Who suggested this product?
The Rains Men’s Backpack was recommended by Alberto Gil from Hockerty. You can find out more about Alberto Gil here or read their product recommendation below.

Simple, beautiful and elegant design, completelly waterproof and quite inexpensive. I commute by bike everyday and can’t go with any bag. This is both elegant and waterproff. Something important where I live.

#6 Adventurist Classic Backpack

Adventurist Classic Backpack
Who suggested this product?
The Adventurist Classic Backpack was recommended by Kelly Belknap from Adventurist Backpack Co.. You can find out more about Kelly Belknap here or read their product recommendation below.

I’m suggesting this backpack by Adventurist Backpack Co. because it is the ultimate lifestyle office backpack. The Adventurist Classic is high quality, fashionable, and affordable (at $65) – one you can take from the office, to a hike, to a night out.

It is lightweight and made with water-resistant 1000D Polyester, so it can hold up through any weather on the way to the office. It’s also perfectly sized to fit a 15 laptop in it’s laptop compartment. It is padded front and back for more protection for your laptop, camera gear, or any other electronics that someone might need for a day at the office.

#7 Herschel Heritage Backpack

Herschel Heritage Backpack
Who suggested this product?
The Herschel Heritage Backpack was recommended by Laurice Wardini from Subscriptionly. You can find out more about Laurice Wardini here or read their product recommendation below.

Herschel backpacks are gender-neutral and modern while maintaining the classic backpack look and feel. Functional yet affordable, this backpack allows you to keep laptops of up to 15 inches safely inside the padded sleeve. It also includes an internal pocket with a headphone port for quick access which is a nice plus.

The backpack is deceptively spacious, containing a large compartment for storing clothes, books, food and anything else you can think of. It also features multiple pockets and compartments to conveniently store your laptop and office accessories.

Herschel Heritage backpacks are lightweight and practical, but manage to keep it stylish and affordable as well. With so many choices, you’re guaranteed to find one that fits your personality and character.

Herschel products come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers common everyday use. Overall, a great product at an affordable price that covers all your office needs without sacrificing appearance and style.

#8 Travel Fusion Anti-Theft Backpack

Travel Fusion Anti-Theft Backpack
Who suggested this product?
The Travel Fusion Anti-Theft Backpack was recommended by Martin Stein from Grand Fusion Housewares. You can find out more about Martin Stein here or read their product recommendation below.

The award-winning and stylish Travel Fusion Anti-Theft Backpack features:

  • Built-in TSA-approved combination zipper lock
  • Extendable steel-wire locking coil — a “bike lock” for your bag
  • Tamper-resistant YKK 8RCW double coil zippers
  • Quick-access expandable thermal insulated and anti-bacterial pouch
  • Magnetic chest strap to reduce load and stress
  • Water-repellent fabric and durable rubber carry strap
  • Zippered shoulder-strap pouches for easy access to ID, credit cards or cash
  • External input and output USB and micro USB charging ports with LED indicator
  • Side dual directional zippers for each access
  • Padded internal pocket for 15.6-inch laptop
  • 18 liter (4 gallon) storage capacity
  • Built-in secure pockets for smartphone, pens, mouse, cables and more
  • Premium shoulder strap padding and breathability

#9 Tom Bihn Brain Bag

Tom Bihn Brain Bag
Who suggested this product?
The Tom Bihn Brain Bag was recommended by Jim Whittington from Whittington & Associates. You can find out more about Jim Whittington here or read their product recommendation below.

I bought the Brain Bag because of my unusual office environment. I’m a Public Information Officer on an incident management team and will respond to several wildfires each summer. We often set up in a portable yurt, a field, or even the back of a pickup. The Brain Bag is well designed and big enough to carry not only my laptop, tablet, phone, and a portable printer, but also all the cords, power, media lists, background info, and supplies I need to start working a fast moving fire.

It’s more than tough enough to withstand the dust, sun, and smoke of my office. The laptop is well protected and the straps have never come close to failing, even under heavy loads. I bought mine in 2007 and have taken it to over 50 large fires since. It still looks great and I get admiring comments and questions about it on each incident. I’ve even used it as a carry-on for non-emergency travel.

#10 Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Peak Design Everyday Backpack
Who suggested this product?
The Peak Design Everyday Backpack was recommended by Abby Schwamm from Peak Design. You can find out more about Abby Schwamm here or read their product recommendation below.

A pack that adapts to your ever-changing gear, lifestyle and environment, the Everyday Backpack gives you unrivaled accessibility, expandability, and organization. The patented MagLatch provides lightning fast top access, with dual side-loading via two weatherproof side zips. Huge external carry capacity made possible by a versatile tuck-away strap system and 2 expandable external side pockets.

Integrated luggage carry makes this bag equally suited for daily commutes and extended travel. Endlessly configurable FlexFold dividers keep all your office gear organized, protected, and not bunched at the bottom of your bag. Internally padded accessory pockets keep small items in check. Dedicated sleeve for up to 15” laptop, tablet, and documents. Ultra clean aesthetic, all-custom hardware, minimal dangling straps. Weatherproof 400D nylon canvas shell.

#11 Timbuk2 Authority Backpack

Timbuk2 Authority Backpack
Who suggested this product?
The Timbuk2 Authority Backpack was recommended by Alex Tran from Schimiggy. You can find out more about Alex Tran here or read their product recommendation below.

I live in Seattle where it is perpetually raining for most of the year. The backpack is water resistant and the quality is impeccable. The backpack is also lightweight yet offers a ton of features that makes transporting my backpack and daily essentials easy and functional. I would recommend this backpack for anyone looking for a very functional backpack that looks slim.

#12 Union Street Commuter Backpack

Union Street Commuter Backpack
Who suggested this product?
The Union Street Commuter Backpack was recommended by Daneen Kiger from Acme Made. You can find out more about Daneen Kiger here or read their product recommendation below.

The Acme Made Union Street Commuter Backpack is the ideal compact backpack with ample storage space for work, school, play and everything in between. The Union Street Commuter is as functional as it is attractive, loaded with innovative, smart solutions to make your everyday adventure smooth, comfortable and secure.

#13 CoolBELL Convertible Backpack

CoolBELL Convertible Backpack
Who suggested this product?
The CoolBELL Convertible Backpack was recommended by Dane Kolbaba from Watchdog Pest Control. You can find out more about Dane Kolbaba here or read their product recommendation below.

This backpack is convertible to a messenger bag, shoulder bag, and of course, handbag. It fits an up to 17.3 inches laptop and still has plenty of room left for other items.

Who contributed to this article?

Lukas from Military 1st

Nicole Rohde from Maxwell-Scott

Phuong Mai from P.MAI

Ryan Barr from WP Standard

Alberto Gil from Hockerty

Kelly Belknap from Adventurist Backpack Co.

Laurice Wardini from Subscriptionly

Martin Stein from Grand Fusion Housewares

Jim Whittington from Whittington & Associates

Abby Schwamm from Peak Design

Alex Tran from Schimiggy

Daneen Kiger from Acme Made

Dane Kolbaba from Watchdog Pest Control

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