10 Affordable Kitchen Improvement Ideas For UK Residents

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2 years ago

Home improvements help in multiple ways. The changes make the home comfortable and functional. They also boost the value of the property. But the improvements can be expensive. This is particularly true for kitchen renovation.

You can reduce the cost by limiting the renovation to aesthetic enhancements. These are inexpensive but still manage to improve the value and usability of the room. For homeowners looking for a budget makeover of their kitchen, here are some expert tips we have collected.

1. Stick to simple ideas

When it comes to making improvements to your kitchen, you will have plenty of ideas. But it is not possible to implement all of them due to budget or space constraints. The best way to ensure you adhere to your budget is to choose minimalistic and light design ideas.

For instance, white is the popular colour for the kitchen when added in muted shades like a mushroom tone or a creamy colour. Adding coloured accents will make the space look brighter and welcoming.

2. Upgrade the kitchen sink

An often-overlooked fixture in the kitchen, the sink forms the main supporting element for your cooking. Luckily, there are many sink models available now that range from porcelain and granite to black metal.

The sinks complement the countertop designs effectively. You can now find the best black kitchen sinks online deals that will let you renovate your kitchen without overshooting your budget.

3. Hardwood is ideal

Choosing hardwood for kitchen flooring is an economic option. It adds cosiness and warmth to the room. It has other benefits like being durable.

Hardwood can last for several decades without spending much on maintenance. Hardwood is also perfect for an open-floor kitchen. The material helps in blending the different rooms in a cohesive way.

4. Cabinet makeover

The kitchen cabinets form an important part of kitchen renovation as they are needed for storage. Updating the cabinet hardware gives the kitchen a refreshing look.

Replacing the handles is cheaper than replacing the entire unit. Or, you can consider spray painting the cabinets to give them a fresh look.

5. Kitchen rug

Adding a rug to the kitchen can make it look stylish without spending much. While considering a rug, make sure it is comfortable to use and easy to clean. Don’t place the rug near the stove or refrigerator.

The area near the sink is ideal as it is frequently used. Look for machine-washable rugs to minimise maintenance. A jute rug is another option to consider due to its high durability and low cost.

6. Splashback ideas

Using stained wood splashback creates an attractive look. It adds texture to the space. You can use leftover wood from other home renovating projects for the splashback.

A tile backsplash is another budget idea that creates a visual appeal. Make sure the colour and pattern you choose blend with the other elements, colours, and patterns in the kitchen.

7. Statement ceiling

Painting the ceiling with a complementary colour can make the décor look bold. Choose the regular designs for the ceiling if you want to cut down costs.

By adding different lighting to the ceiling, you can spruce up the design. Pendant lighting and recessed lighting are good choices that add appeal to the décor. Painting a mural on the ceiling is another budget idea that can make a statement.

8. Use space smartly

Even if a kitchen is too small, you can still find space for a dining area. A folding table or a breakfast bar with stools that tuck underneath can give the room a nice appearance and save space too. There are dining tables available in all shapes and sizes to choose from.

The corner space is often underutilised in many kitchens. Corner shelving can turn these spaces into useful ones. For kitchens that don’t have space for hanging cabinets, having open shelving is a good solution.

9. Use affordable handles

Knobs and handles can alter the appearance of the kitchen in a great way. Choose colourful handles for the cabinets and match them up with elegant knobs. You can use wood, nickel, or leather handles. The fittings are not too expensive but can give your kitchen a modern look.

10. Wallpaper

Using modern wallpaper designs in the kitchen can give it a stylish look. This works best in an open kitchen plan. It is an affordable idea that adds a unique touch to the room.

While choosing the design make sure the paper is easy to clean. For areas that get splashed frequently use glass splashbacks.

Final Thoughts

Renovating the kitchen on a budget need not be a boring job. With smart choices, you can add style to the room and make it modern and elegant. Whether it is fixtures, fittings, or other components of the kitchen, our tips will help you infuse a cool and unique appeal to your kitchen.

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