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How Virtual Reality Influenced The Development Of The Gambling Industry

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Virtual reality is gradually spreading into all spheres of activity, and gambling is no exception. The technology is capable of changing the gambling world completely and involving new users. Thanks to the virtual reality headset and a variety of interactive features, players will be immersed in the amazing atmosphere of the casino. An extravaganza of emotions, an unforgettable experience – all of this awaits the gamblers who will get acquainted with modern technology. Nevertheless, virtual reality is not yet very common. A little time will pass, and the best online casino Australia will offer its visitors a unique experience.

Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is an invented world that is created with the help of IT technology. VR glasses and controllers are required to take advantage of this new environment.

What is Virtual Reality?

The development and exploration of virtual reality began in the 1960s. For half a century, the technology was tested and refined. The public became interested in virtual reality in 2012 when the Oculus Rift prototype of glasses was released.

Virtual Reality and Casinos

Those who have followed gambling industry news remember the establishment of SlotsMillion, an online casino that is based on virtual reality. The event took place in 2015. After the establishment opened, players were able to diversify their leisure time and have a unique experience. With the help of a headset, they moved around the casino and explored the rooms, as well as the entertainment offered. Moreover, the developers even provided the opportunity to look out the window and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding areas. Gamblers can sit down at any table to play. Opponents are both strangers and friends. In the latter case, it is allowed to invite up to 20 participants to identify the leader of the gambling world.

Live Segment

In the next stage, the symbiosis of virtual reality and casinos affected games with a real dealer. Here gamblers can take a seat at the card table or join the roulette wheel, make bets, and communicate with opponents. The gameplay process is monitored by a real croupier, so a full immersion in a gambling environment is ensured.

Live casinos work as follows: broadcasts are arranged from a specially equipped studio. The central object is a table or roulette. The actions of croupiers are recorded by cameras fixed in specific places. Filming is performed from several angles so that gamblers can view both the general background and the detailed distribution of cards or roulette wheel.

To create a Live game for those who use a virtual reality headset, special 3D cameras are used. They provide the ultimate immersion in the gambling world. At the same time poker, blackjack, baccarat, and other entertainment can be played right from home. Nevertheless, gamblers will be able to visit the best casinos around the globe.

Virtual Reality and the Gambling Industry: What the Future holds?

Different things in the gambling industry have been gradually introduced by engineers and developers. This also applies to virtual reality. However, there is a long way to go until technology becomes firmly established in the world of gambling. So what does the future hold for gamblers?

Making New Developments

The gambling industry makes extensive use of not only computers but also smartphones and tablets. The implementation of virtual reality requires headsets that are compatible with users’ devices. This is the only way to ensure a realistic gaming experience.

The field of innovation is regularly evolving. Virtual reality has already been implemented in the following areas:

  • tourism;
  • research;
  • entertainment.

To facilitate the use of technology, major companies are working on the development of new equipment. For instance, a headset for console games has already been released. Given the growing interest in virtual reality, we can assume that soon there will be devices to facilitate the use of virtual reality in the gambling world.

Changing Leisure Options for Players

Administrators of online casinos seek to increase the time visitors spend on their platforms. For this purpose, they use different methods described in the table below.

Method of attracting visitors


A wide range of entertainment

The gambling establishment features slots of different types and genres

Profitable bonuses

Gamblers are offered free spins, gifts for registration, additional amounts for deposit

Exciting tournaments

Competitions between users

Another opportunity to attract the attention of gamblers is the development of exciting gambling games. This is available with the use of virtual reality. New experiences can be enjoyed by communicating with other players or watching shows in the casino. Users will be offered more activities, which will have a positive effect on the spirit.

Improving Familiar Games with VR

The first slot machines for online casinos were small and extremely simple. Over time, the technology evolved:

  • graphics improved;
  • 3D objects were added;
  • excellent background soundtrack was introduced.

The same can be said about virtual reality. Over time, it will become the basis for improving familiar games. Entertainment will be interactive and more interesting. This will multiply the interest in the casino and gambling industry.

As soon as virtual reality will become a regular technology, the gambling industry can bring back the forgotten slots. It is about those one-armed bandits that used to cheer up visitors to the first land-based casinos. Revival of games abandoned in history will be the impetus to attract new visitors.

Combining Casinos and Other Fields

Virtual reality will have an impact on all sectors of leisure. It will help integrate several fields so that users will have more experience. Developers will integrate gambling into other areas, for instance, tourism. It will enable users to go on a virtual tour around Las Vegas Streets and make some bets at the casino.

Perhaps, players will be able to cash out the money they get from spinning the reels to use for another virtual reality experience. It all depends on what the technology will be combined with.

Virtual Games Will Become the Most Popular Entertainment Option

Virtual reality will take gambling to a new level, and it will be difficult for other entertainment options to compete with it. Casinos will have a huge inflow of customers eager to experience the new technology. Since many land-based establishments are blocked, investors will target this promising direction facilitating technology development.


With the help of virtual reality, gamblers will be able to customize the process themselves. Casino operators will provide improved content. However, the industry should be regulated.

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