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Career As An iGaming Author: Aleksandar Bogatinovski From AskGamblers Shares His Perspective

by Marcus Richards
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With a rich 5-year history in iGaming and an impressive 7-year track record in content writing, editing, and publishing, Aleksandar Bogatinovski, an established casino author, has become a well-respected figure in digital marketing. In addition, his 5-year tenure in SEO, both onsite and offsite, has made him a master strategist in driving web traffic.

Throughout his career, Aleksandar has lent his talents to various content, including game and casino reviews, blog posts, industry news, guest posts, guides, and PR articles. His writings are tailored to offer readers a comprehensive understanding of the ever-evolving iGaming industry.

Let’s look into our conversation with Aleksandar to learn about his career, insights into the iGaming industry, and tips for aspiring iGaming authors.

Q1: How did you get started in your career as an iGaming author?

Aleksandar: I started my career as a content writer, focusing on various topics before developing a fascination with digital technology. This led me to explore SEO, where I gained insights into web traffic driving and audience targeting. As I grew more comfortable with these areas, I was drawn to the vibrant and fast-paced world of iGaming.

The industry’s combination of entertainment, technology, and strategy was captivating. It led me to merge my writing and SEO skills with my growing interest in iGaming. I gradually expanded my content to include game reviews, casino reviews, industry news, and comprehensive guides.

Q2: Can you talk about some of the challenges you faced when writing about iGaming?

Aleksandar: One of the biggest challenges was understanding different games’ specific terminology and mechanics. Writing comprehensively and accurately about them took a lot of research and effort.

Q3: What factors do you consider while reviewing a game or casino?

Aleksandar: Reviewing a game or casino is a meticulous process that involves several key aspects. I look at gameplay, considering the game’s rules, pace, and overall experience it provides. I aim to understand whether the game is engaging and fair from a player’s perspective. Then, I examine the graphics and user interface, ensuring they enhance the gaming experience and are user-friendly. The reward system comes next, where I assess the game’s bonuses and accessibility.

Finally, I evaluate the security measures, as digital security is paramount today. The ultimate aim is to provide a comprehensive review that gives players a clear picture of what to expect.

Q4: How do you keep your writing fresh and engaging, given the technical nature of iGaming content?

Aleksandar: I mix in-depth knowledge with a friendly, conversational tone to achieve this. I aim to explain complex ideas in a way that feels like a chat between friends.

Furthermore, I weave relevant stories or anecdotes to give context and make the material more relatable. For example, I might discuss how a particular strategy helped someone win a game or how a new feature in a casino game enhanced the player’s experience. These human-centric narratives help to engage the readers and maintain their interest.

Moreover, I make sure to inject my personality into my writing. The ‘human touch’ is what makes content truly engaging.

Q5: How important is SEO in the world of iGaming writing?

Aleksandar: SEO is crucial. It’s about more than just driving web traffic. Proper SEO ensures the right audience finds your content and gets the needed information. It is vital in connecting us with our readers and potential gamers.

Q6: Any advice for individuals wanting to enter iGaming writing?

Aleksandar: The iGaming industry is dynamic, requiring you to stay updated with the latest trends. My advice would be to immerse yourself in the industry, learn about the games, the audience, and never stop improving your writing skills.

Q7: Where do you see the future of the iGaming industry heading?

Aleksandar: I see a future filled with technological advancements that enhance user experience, whether that’s through virtual reality, augmented reality, or other immersive technologies. The industry is growing rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s an exciting time to be a part of it.


Aleksandar’s journey from a general content writer to an iGaming expert shows how digital marketing skills can merge with the exciting world of iGaming.

He has also stressed the role of SEO – ensuring that the right people find and engage with your content. His experience highlights how fast the iGaming industry changes and the importance of always learning new things.

For those thinking about a career in iGaming, Aleksandar’s advice is a roadmap to follow. He sees an exciting future for the iGaming industry, full of new technology and growth. Wrapping up our chat, it’s clear that Aleksandar’s know-how gives a complete picture of the iGaming world, useful for newcomers and seasoned professionals.

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