20 Best Human Resources Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about human resources ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best human resources podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Human Resources Podcasts 2021

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HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources

  • Publisher: James Davis
  • Total Episodes: 7

HR Works provides clear, relevant, actionable information on topics that matter to human resources (HR) professionals

Bringing the Human back to Human Resources

  • Publisher: Traci Rubin
  • Total Episodes: 7

People are at the center of every business–or at least they should be. “Bringing the Human back to Human Resources” is a podcast hosted by Traci Rubin, a Director of HR, who has spent nearly her entire career in HR. Traci explores the delicate balance between people and business and works hard to de-stigmatize what it means to be in “Human Resources”.

Best Practices in Human Resources Podcast

  • Publisher: Best Practices in Human Resour
  • Total Episodes: 7

Join Brenda Neckvatal in each podcast episode where she talks about current HR topics, news, and trends impacting businesses of all sizes. Best Practices provides a variety of Human Resource consulting services for businesses and individual Human Resource practitioners who need an experienced soundboard.

Rebel Human Resources Podcast

  • Publisher: Kyle Roed, The HR Guy
  • Total Episodes: 7

If you are a professional looking for innovative, thought provoking information in the world of human resources, come join us! Human Resources is such a dynamic role, that if we don’t constantly adapt and change, we will be left behind. This podcast explores the new world of work, and how HR can drive change for the better. In this podcast, the “Rebel HR Guy”, Kyle Roed, covers various topics with other business leaders disrupting the world of work. Human Resources is one of the most dynamic areas in any organization. This podcast will focus on the ever-changing aspect of any organization: People. We discuss topics ranging from managing performance, building culture, engagement, inclusion, people analytics, and driving business results through others. We will answer questions like: How has HR evolved? How does HR add value? What does the future of HR look like? What if HR isn’t working? (Hint: It probably isn’t) The world is changing, and those who aren’t ready to change with it will be left behind. Rebel on, HR Rebels!

人源星球 Human Plus Resources

  • Publisher: Heather Yang
  • Total Episodes: 7

美国人力资源专家及职业规划师Heather Yang的毒舌职场话题,公众号Jobhuntingsolution,免费简历指南pdf领取地址www.mygrsconsulting.com/resumetip 邮箱[email protected]

Employee Cycle: Human Resources (HR) podcast about HR trends, HR tech & HR analytics

  • Publisher: Employee Cycle
  • Total Episodes: 7

Hear the most amazing interviews about the latest in HR trends, HR technology, and HR analytics in our Employee Cycle podcast. We’re building a community of HR executives, consultants, and tech vendors looking to make HR more data-driven.

Hire Up Podcast – A Podcast Devoted To Everything Human Resources

  • Publisher: John P. Beck, Jr.
  • Total Episodes: 7

Dedicated To Everything Human Resources – Taking Your Business to a Higher Level

Human Resources Strategies

  • Publisher: Armin Trost
  • Total Episodes: 7

This podcast provides a comprehensive overview on the strategic side of human resources management (HRM). You learn on a stepwise basis how to build a strong human resources strategy for a given company. This podcast is for those, who share a deeper and advanced interest in HRM: students, professionals and executives. All slides related to this podcast can be downloaded here for free: https://armintrost.de/en/professor/digital/human-resources-strategies/ Armin Trost is a recognized professor on human resources management. He teaches at the Furtwangen University (Germany). Moreover he is known for various books in HRM. Dr Trost is an engaged speaker and a trusted advisor in the field of strategic HRM, leadership and organization.

Human Resources Management

  • Publisher: Harry Hendriyana
  • Total Episodes: 7

Podcast tentang pembelajaran dan tugas kuliah

Dear Human Resources:

  • Publisher: Marie-Line Germain, Ph.D.
  • Total Episodes: 7

Are you interested in getting an insider’s look at HR? Dear Human Resources takes current HR topics and trends, looks at the research, talks to experts (both practitioners and researchers), and gives listeners a behind-the-scenes’ perspective on HR topics. Our podcasts also explore how other fields such as architecture, social justice, or science influence HR. We conclude our podcasts with one breakthrough idea, which could radically change the field of human resources. Listen to Dear Human Resources on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. Legal Disclaimer: This HR podcast series provides content to listeners and an opportunity for dialogue. It does not offer legal advice, and makes no representation as to the accuracy and suitability of the content for a particular purpose. The host, Dr. Marie-Line Germain, is a professor of Human Resources and Leadership at Western Carolina University (a campus of the University of North Carolina). https://www.linkedin.com/in/marie-line-germain/

Human With Resources

  • Publisher: INUSUAL — Inspiring Innovators
  • Total Episodes: 7

Every company knows that if it doesn’t innovate it dies, but at the moment of truth, very few are creating and developing an innovative culture. That’s why every month we discover ‘inusual’ leaders who tell us how they do it and help us connect the dots between leadership and innovation. We also have an edition in Spanish — www.humanwithresources.inusual.com

Humanoid Resources

  • Publisher: Arcade Audio
  • Total Episodes: 7

Humanoid Resources is an improvised podcast about the operations of the HR (Humanoid Resources) Department aboard the fictional U.S.S. Spaceship, in the year 2667. A human from 2016, a tiny alien and a robot interview the ship’s inhabitants and make funnies. Told through the lens of crazy professors, rogue government agents and sensible gratuate assistants finding tapes in the present day, this podcast is worth every penny. Because it’s free.

Human Resources Insights for Health Care – Hall Render Podcast

  • Publisher: Hall Render
  • Total Episodes: 7

A podcast about health care industry trends and professionals working within the human resources industry. For more information, go to podcast.hallrender.com.

The Nelson HR Review Podcast Series – Expert Human Resources

  • Publisher: Vanessa Nelson
  • Total Episodes: 7

Vanessa G. Nelson, President, Expert Human Resources, is known as the HR Queen! Corporations are excited to work with her as she improves operations and creates great teams. Additionally, she helps organizations maintain employment law compliance, avoid litigation, and protect assets; thereby dramatically improving organizational bottom lines!

Humans and Resources

  • Publisher: Humans and Resources
  • Total Episodes: 7

A podcast about people, companies, and the people who work at companies.

(Podcast) Planning, Recruitment and Selection of Human Resources

  • Publisher: Open University Malaysia
  • Total Episodes: 7

(Podcast) Planning, Recruitment and Selection of Human Resources

Resources for Humans

  • Publisher: Lattice
  • Total Episodes: 7

The Resources for Humans Podcast discusses people strategy trends and best practices for people management. It features people operations leaders and management experts from across various industries. The podcast is produced by Lattice, a performance management software company; visit https://latticehq.com/resources for more details.

Human Resources (HR) & Human Resource Management (HRM) – Human Resources IQ

  • Publisher: Human Resources IQ
  • Total Episodes: 7

HR Today is a podcast focused on providing professionals with business strategies and best practices that address issues affecting the human resources industry.

Human Resources Law Podcast

  • Publisher: Ideas Unlimited
  • Total Episodes: 7

Human Resources Law by Authors: John Remington, Richard T. Heiser, Cyrus Smythe, Kenneth Sovereign

Human Resources Workshops

  • Publisher: SPU Human Resources
  • Total Episodes: 7

Human Resources Workshops

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