20 Best Governance Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about governance ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best governance podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Governance Podcasts 2021

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The Governance Podcast

  • Publisher: Centre for the Study of Governance and Society
  • Total Episodes: 47

Conversations on governance with leading social scientists around the world. Run by the Centre for the Study of Governance and Society at King’s College London.

The Voice of Corporate Governance

  • Publisher: The Council of Institutional Investors
  • Total Episodes: 89

CII’s podcast is one of many platforms CII offers members to access timely information and perspectives and to increase public attention to critical issues and developments in corporate governance and capital markets. The target audience for our podcast is CII Members, other institutional investors, public companies, securities lawyers, proxy advisory firms and other institutional investor service providers.The podcast is free to the public and available on all major podcast listening platforms, and is not sponsored or paid for by advertisements.

Global Governance Podcast

  • Publisher: Global Governance Forum
  • Total Episodes: 6

Welcome to the Global Governance Podcast with Augusto Lopez-Claros, where we explore the future of governance. Each episode will look at a different global issue and how governance plays a key role in its solution. From climate change to gender equality, from corruption to peace and security, we invite experts to explore a thought-provoking game of “what if?” and “why not?”, positing a world in much closer international cooperation. To learn more visit GlobalGovernanceForum.org.

Ocean Governance Podcast

  • Publisher: Ocean Governance Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 15

Ocean Governance Podcast – a podcast about ocean governance research This podcast is dedicated to discussing recent publications from legal, social sciences and interdisciplinary journals dealing with ocean governance issues broadly construed. Being lawyers, we do this from a predominantly legal perspective but with a strong interest in the perspectives and contributions of other disciplines. The aim is to draw attention to interesting publications, hopefully to make them accessible and to stimulate further discussion in different forums. Hosts for the podcast are professor David Langlet and PhD candidate Aron Westholm, and it is brought to you by the Ocean Governance Group at the Law Department, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg. The group brings together various legal sub-disciplines, including law of the sea, EU law, environmental law, energy law, planning law and administrative law to bear upon current practical and intellectual challenges relating to human interaction with the oceans.

The DCRO Risk Governance Podcast

  • Publisher: Bright Governance Consulting LLC
  • Total Episodes: 15

David R. Koenig, author of the books Governance Reimagined and The Board Member’s Guide to Risk speaks with active board members and senior executives about their experiences and the most effective approaches to governing risk.

Middle East Law and Governance

  • Publisher: Middle East Law & Governance Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 14

Middle East Law and Governance (MELG) is a peer-reviewed journal for scholarly analysis on issues pertaining to governance and social, economic, and ideological transformation in the MENA region. On the MELG podcast, we talk to the journal’s contributors about their work and current events in the region. The podcast is hosted by MELG advisory board member, E.J. Karmel.

EY UK Privacy and Data Governance Channel

  • Publisher: EY
  • Total Episodes: 4

This series of podcasts is aimed at data governance and privacy professionals. We interview experts from around the world to bring you stories, updates and tips on a range of exciting topics. This channel is hosted by EY’s UK Privacy and Data Governance Team, with new episodes posted quarterly.

Global Governance Futures: Imperfect Utopias or Bust

  • Publisher: Global Governance Futures
  • Total Episodes: 11

Do our global governance systems have the capacity to effectively address the challenges we face as a civilization? What are the viable pathways towards a fairer, more sustainable and viable future? “Imperfect Utopias or Bust? Global Governance Futures” aims to present a space where these questions, and many more, can be addressed in a spirit of dialogue and exploration.

Governance Uncovered: Local Politics and Development

  • Publisher: GLD
  • Total Episodes: 27

Welcome to Governance Uncovered where we discuss local politics and development worldwide. This podcast is brought to you by the Program on Governance and Local Development, supported by the Swedish Research Council.

The Craft of Governance

  • Publisher: The Directors Academy
  • Total Episodes: 7

Established in 2016 as a national 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, the Directors Academy is focused on identifying, developing and advancing the next generation of diverse board members and leaders.

Modern Governance

  • Publisher: InfoGoTo.com
  • Total Episodes: 32

Industry experts discuss governance strategies, compliance and privacy in the digital age.

IT Governance Publishing

  • Publisher: IT Governance Publishing
  • Total Episodes: 40

Catch-up on the latest information security news with our Podcast. Also, keep an eye out for our ‘Author Interviews’ where we speak with industry experts, covering; InfoSec, Cyber Security, IT, project management, and more.

Let’s Talk Governance

  • Publisher: Grower Group Alliance
  • Total Episodes: 6

Supporting Western Australian, not for profit groups to lead with high impact, confidence and compliance. Six episode series covering: Episode 01 – Directors Responsibilities Duration: 0:34.47 Episode 02 – Directors Responsibilities (Cont.) Duration: 0:32.48 Episode 03 – Achieving Best Practice Board Performance Duration: 0:34:16 Episode 04 – Achieving Best Practice Board Performance (Cont.) Duration: 0:39:14 Episode 05 – The Board’s Role in Strategy and Risk Duration: 0:41:06 Episode 06 – Financial Responsibilities and Performance Duration: 0:43:08

Women Governance Gurus

  • Publisher: Hosted by Courtney Kamlet and Liz Dunshee
  • Total Episodes: 18

Listen to the journeys of women governance gurus – their passions, struggles and commitment to improving corporate governance. Hear what has surprised them over their career and various perspectives from different paths and industries. Hosted by Courtney Kamlet and Liz Dunshee.For more corporate governance podcasts, check out Feedspot’s list of the Top 15 Corporate Governance Podcasts (which includes Women Governance Gurus) – https://blog.feedspot.com/corporate_governance_podcasts/

The Governance Guys

  • Publisher: Paul Wilton and Andrew Jardine
  • Total Episodes: 17

Paul and Andrew break down the art and science of governance to help increase your expertise as a Board Director and to encourage, motivate, and inspire you to join a Board. We believe that when Boards are informed by good governance principles, they are invaluable vehicles for citizens to engage in meaningful ways that make a positive difference for our communities. Most of all, we really love governance and we can’t wait to interview experts, tell some great governance stories from organizations around the world, hash out our own ideas, and hear from you throughout this little adventure. Come join us!

The Good Governance Partnership

  • Publisher: Good Governance Partnership
  • Total Episodes: 10

Is Good Governance a value or a principle that stands for itself, autonomously, without any link to other aspects of a state’s organization? Or is good governance rather an integral part of each sector in which policy decisions are made? We will address these questions in this monthly series, step by step, by looking at the key challenges, the application of Good Governance principles is facing in the context of crisis. This is to show that Good Governance is more, than a means to itself. It is a requirement for success, sustainability, and growth. Martin El-Khouri welcomes you all!

One Minute Governance

  • Publisher: Fullbrook Board Effectiveness
  • Total Episodes: 52

SEASON 2 COMING SOON! Are you a director, senior executive, investor, or someone who’s just curious about corporate governance? Tune in for insights about how things work inside and outside the boardroom, based on 20 years of experience and interactions with thousands of directors from around the world. Each episode lasts about one minute and will provide you with questions to ask yourself, your board and your management team, designed to optimize the way your organization makes decisions. Matt Fullbrook is a corporate governance researcher, educator and advisor located in Toronto.

Good governance

  • Publisher: Ashley Fuller
  • Total Episodes: 1

It is about what is good governance and how we can help have good governance in our country.

Risk, Governance, and Cyber Compliance

  • Publisher: Dr. B.
  • Total Episodes: 13

Risk, governance, and cyber compliance; cyber risk, specifically, is a complex topic and part of a larger picture in your organization. Cyber risk is a strategic necessity for any organization to increase cyber resilience. In this podcast, we will have an open conversation on governance, risk, and compliance to move your organization from as is to the next level. Here we will have discussions on program assessments, control assessments, risk identification, risk register, mitigation plans, and much more.

Governance Matters

  • Publisher: Governance Matters
  • Total Episodes: 4

The Governance Matters podcast provides listeners with insight into the cutting-edge issues of the day for corporate secretaries, general counsel and all governance professionals. Produced by Corporate Secretary and sponsored by Computershare Georgeson, this monthly podcast will look at how the role of the corporate secretary and the board has evolved over time, as well as how the governance landscape continues to change. From ESG to entity management, shareholder engagement to technology, we’ll hear from award-winning governance professionals and leading advisers about the latest public company governance matters.

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