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Gambling can be defined as expecting the worst, yet hoping for the best. That said, if a skill is involved, are we still talking about gambling?

Whether skill-based gambling should be considered equal to placing risky bets on roulette or slots is still a burning question. We will try to tackle the status of skill games in the world of modern gambling.

But if you need a quick answer, here it is. You can play skill games for money at the best casinos online.

The curious cats out there may read on to see what skill-based games are available in these lavish gambling venues.

What Is a Gambling Skill Game?

You might be wondering, “What casino game takes the most skill?”

Before we move on to actual examples, let’s take a look at what makes a game one of skill rather than luck.

Namely, casinos refer to games that employ skill and strategic thinking as skill-based gambling. In contrast to games of luck, such as roulette or baccarat, rounds in games of skill are not independent events.

In turn, to continually win at a game of skill, you must track your progress and follow the action taking place on the table before you. That said, most skill-based games in real money pokies are table games like blackjack.

Real money skill games rely on logic, strategy, and a systematic approach. It takes patience, extreme concentration, and dedication to be truly successful at skill-based gambling. Some players go even so far as to become “advantage players” utilising various advanced techniques to bring the casino house down and beat the dealer.

Therefore, different profiles of gamblers prefer different gambling games. Whether slot machines appeal to you more than a card game is completely up to you. But playing each casino game type requires a different bankroll and funds.

Another pivotal reason why it’s crucial to distinguish between skill and chance games will be explained further in the text.

Game of Skill Examples

What is an example of a skill game? Well, there are quite a few.

Considering that casinos exist to make money, they prefer offering games of chance. However, gambling operators know that there are geniuses out there who won’t just squander their hard-earned money. To cater to the widest possible audience of punters, casinos also offer skill-based games.

If you’re a Brainiac like ourselves, you will want to approach betting sensibly. To get you started, take a look at our casino games ranked.

Here are the most popular examples of skill games:

  1. Blackjack
  2. Poker
  3. Backgammon
  4. Craps
  5. Mahjong

Most of these can be found in legit online ST – casino with bitcoin dice games, and across the web. Please refer back to the beginning of the article to find the best casinos for your favourite games.

The best bet, if you’re looking for skill games for money, is blackjack. The famous Twenty-One has a remarkably low house edge, especially if you know the basic strategy. Blackjack charts allow even beginners to excel at this card game, as long as they follow the pattern closely. These charts tell you when to hit or stand, aka ask for another card or refuse one. Based on skill and statistics, following the perfect blackjack strategy results in 99.50% winning odds.

The duality of poker makes it difficult to maintain that poker is a skill game. Nevertheless, generations of people who are professional poker players lead us to believe that it can’t be just luck making their living for decades. We suggest looking into the nature of skill within the poker realm if you want to learn more.

Backgammon, Mahjong, and Craps are but a few other skill game examples popular worldwide.

Is Skill-Based Gambling Legal?

The question of the legality of skill-based casino games does not come with a black-or-white answer. Depending on the player’s geographical location, laws might differ.

Specifically, the United Kingdom and Ireland are the most accepting countries for online gambling. The competitive industry is luckily not a taboo in the area; therefore, skill-based gambling flourishes in that part of Europe.

Similarly, in many countries worldwide, governments have legalised gambling as long as it involves at least some skill. That said, games such as blackjack and poker are typically legal. It is usually lottery and games of chance that are frowned upon.

On the other hand, placing bets relying solely on luck is generally illegal on a global level. In India, for example, running a luck-based casino or playing at one is illegal. What’s more, if a player doesn’t get paid out, the government cannot hunt the casino down for breaching the terms. So, it’s wise to stick to skill-based games whenever possible.

A similar situation is noted in Australia. According to the laws of the land down under, players can participate in any gambling activity at their own risk. While this gives punters flexibility, it also exposes them to potential rogue casinos, which, sadly, still exist.

Still, there are also countries with situations like Japan, where there is no online gambling legislation that prohibits players from accessing online casino sites. Therefore, users may use bonus aggregator platforms where they have at their disposal a complete list of online casinos that target Japanese players. It is recommended to use such sites, as they will rate and analyse the available casinos to ensure that there will be no issue regarding customers’ safety.

In conclusion, skill-based gambling is legal in most of Europe and parts of Asia. For specific regulations, please consult local authorities.

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